Crucial For A Great Vlogging Camera: A Flip Screen

Vlogging is one of the trends now in this generation, especially that technology has also developed the social media community. But there are also who don’t know about what is its difference in blogging. Let me correct you, blogging is about publishing what you write about a life moment, a subject you have interested with, and even a purpose for advertising, but on the other hand, vlogging is filming about those things instead of writing. You somewhat become the host of a show and you have an audience and you directly release an idea or feature while making a video out of it.

This article won’t teach you how to vlog or blog but rather this is for the purpose to help a potential vlogger how to choose a camera and considering some of the crucial parts and unwanted features of a camera. By considering what should be needed and not needed, you will obtain the best vlogging camera that is right for you and for your budget. Though vloggers really make money but it’s not that easy that is why they also are considering their financial ability that still can create a high- quality video that can attract more audience to have more money.

So what are the features that should be considered in the selection of a high-quality camera? Zoom and flash feature, light performance, lens aperture, sensor size, and optical image stabilization. These features also depend upon the desired subject and type of filming style. You can also have all of this features if you want and this is mostly available in a DSLR camera. But there are certain DSLR cameras that have a flip screen and it is a crucial part of the best vlogging camera like DSLR because vlogging means making a video that features about what you do and you as well feature it to your audience through speaking in your camera.