Squishies are those types of toys that are cute, adorable, and as the name itself implies…squishable. Not only this is a toy that a lot of people already have known the concept about, but this is also made for kids and adults alike. Well, who says that these types of adorable toys are only made for kids? There are so many types of squishies to choose from and just by knowing all the details with regards to the different designs and sizes, a buyer would be amazed. One more attribute that can further classify a squish is by whether or not that squishie is slow-rising.

The Popularity Of Slow-Rising Squishies
So, why exactly are these types of squishies so popular? There had been a lot of hot trends on the internet and apparently, there are so many videos about slow-rising squishies, showing the phases until it gets to its original shape. There even came to a point where people are trying to see which type of slow-rising squishie would get back in shape faster. As silly as this may sound, there are many participants and spectators! Well, one can see that this just another type of fad, but the fact that it still continues to exist is something noteworthy, knowing all the details.

Other than the fact that any type of squishie, even the slow-rising ones, has a lot of designs to choose from and that they are simply nice to look at. However, in the case of the slow-rising one, it could be a little different. They are very much stunned with the way a slow-rising squishie works and the way it goes back to its original shape might induce that feeling of satisfaction. With this, many people became curious or hooked with this simple yet fulfilling contraption. Perhaps, even a new buyer would feel the same when they get one!