Hoverboards or sometimes called Segway boards are self-balancing, electric-powered machines capable of traveling 20 kilometers per hour has been the new trend of transportation today. Due to its popularity, a lot of manufacturers and companies supplying the vehicle have come to a new idea in order to make the product better and more marketable to its customers.

The New Innovations
Some already installed a built-in stereo, MP3, and GPS to track the location of the hoverboard. Furthermore, a waterproof hoverboard has been recently developed by a manufacturer and other companies, in order to provide a better product, have included Bluetooth features and a longer battery life into the system. UK hoverboards are often installed with a lot of features despite its legal issues in the country. Going back, this now then proves that there are a lot of companies and manufacturer developing and distributing the product.

Reasons why a lot of companies continue to manufacture hoverboards
Demand. Of course, demand from customers is the top reason. The increased purchase of UK hoverboards has rocketed to a 215% by a certain manufacturer. In the United Kingdom, hoverboard companies such as Comdo Alliance LLC, Viking Trade, Eurasian Market SL and Peta Motor SRL have increasing sales even outside of the country.

  • Popularity. Hoverboards have been also used by huge personalities such as Justin Bieber, Whiz Khalifa, Jamie Foxx and Usain Bolt. These personalities have a huge fan base and what do you expect? International companies like Samsung have already started manufacturing their own model.
  • Style and Uniqueness. Hoverboards are the perfect example of “new” vehicles that humanity has been waiting for. The machine is somewhat “futuristic” in nature due to its unique features as compared to other self-driven vehicle or equipment. It is controlled by the driver’s feet, standing on a built-in sensor and gyroscopic pad. They are powered by lithium-ion batteries and angle detectors predicting the shift of movement of the rider.