There are a lot of electronic cigarettes released in the market globally, and if wanted to know more about vaping, looking for reviews and canvassing for the best vapes and flavors will be the best mode of action for you.

Also referred to as “mini”. These devices are considered as a starter pack and it’s also recommended if you are transitioning from tobacco cigarettes. These are small and very light and their appearance is similar to traditional cigarettes. Cig-a-likesare also available as both disposable and rechargeable.

Mid-size (Cig-a-like e-cigs) &Vape Pens
Commonly used and preferred by intermediate users because of its small size (it’s almost the same size as the traditional cigarettes) which makes it easier to carry and bring anywhere. Unlike cig-a-like, vape pens have a longer battery life and the vapor it produced is stronger. These are recommended for heavy smokers due to its performance.

Advanced Personal Vaporizers (APV) or Mods
Mods have a very high performance and it’s larger compared to cig-a-like and vape pens, It’s also popular for the advanced users. Mods are said to give the user an “ultimate vaping experience” when they use this device, and the vapor coming out of this are 3x stronger than cig-a-like. This device also comes with different colors, shapes, and sizes (it can be customized as well). Unlike the cig-a-like or the vape pen, the batteries used for mods are large Lithium-ion batteries with a longer battery life and it can be replaced. This is recommended for heavy and chain smokers.

Which electronic cigarette do you think suits you best? If you’re new in the vaping community, the best way is to try the most basic, then you can proceed to mods once you’ve familiarized yourself on how to use these devices. Good luck and enjoy vaping!